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Event Sponsorship

INGENIUM’s events encompass every major industry sector while focusing on niche market areas. Partnering us an event sponsor has numerous advantages and benefits, among which include:

  • Publicity will be generated through various mediums such as event brochures, flyers, posters and other premiums and materials.
  • Sponsors participation and association with INGENIUM’s event will increase credibility by being involved in an esteemed business strategy conference known for its relevance and timeliness of topics discussed.
  • The sponsor would be seen as a knowledge provider of services and solutions relevant to the conference and as a market leader in the field.
  • The sponsors will be associated with the key speakers at the conference.
  • INGENIUM conference topics are strategically scheduled at specific calendar dates to maximise business opportunities.
  • The INGENIUM event will allow access to a focused group of corporate decision makers attending the conference.
  • Large amount of publicity will be generated through brochure mailings, contact with delegates and inclusion of materials in documentation.
  • The sponsoring organisation will gain professional profile through association with a strategic industry event.

Speaking Opportunities

INGENIUM’S conferences, seminars and training programmes guarantee two important features; our events will always be content driven and vendor-pitch independent. If you are interested in speaking in any of our events, please contact Jaafar Sidek at to explore the possibilities.